Optimal Brain Organization

Program Overview: - How is Your Brain Organized?

This experiential workshop provides practical hands-on tools designed to enhance your skills through understanding your clients’ specific brain organization profile. By understanding this profile, you will fine tune and improve the validity and reliability of your assessments, program design and delivery. You will enjoy learning how to incorporate this with a variety of target populations for both individual and group facilitation.

Your OPTIMAL BRAIN ORGANIZATION PROFILE is a key for unlocking your potential, and for understanding and overcoming barriers to learning and performing at your highest level. This program clearly explains a method for determining your Profile that is so simple, non-invasive and easy to learn that even a child can do it. New Insights from Neuroscience into Real-Life Applications


Who Should Attend?

This workshop will be of interest to healthcare providers, educators, crisis interventionists,

Social Workers, PSW’s, caregivers and parents. Basically anyone interested in the brain’s plascity, neural pathways and how to keep them functioning will appreciate this workshop and will walk away totally amazed with a ton of tools specific to your brain’s organizational profile.

Learning Objectives

·         Learn and experience a variety of ways to determine your 5 dominances

·         Learn how to interpret your results & understand why people do what they do

·         Stimulate new ideas to applicable to your program apply these ideas to your programming to match

·         Learn how to facilitate this quick effective tool to provide a more precise treatment for clients

·         Understanding how brain organization impacts on your assessments

·                  Learn a simple method for finding which of 32 profiles fit you

·                  Discover why your personal profile affects how you learn & perform

·                  Unlock valuable information about yourself, family, co-workers, friends

·         Easy for a child; invaluable for parents, teachers, counselors, human resource professionals

·        Insights once available only to specialists

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