Physical Self-Protection and Disengaging Skills

One Day Program Program

This one-day introductory program exposes staff to non-violent self protection and disengaging skills. Moreover, it is designed to enhance safety while preserving the therapeutic relationship between the client and staff member.

Participants will:

  • Learn to assess and recognize the signs of an imminent assault;
  • Learn further about the gift of fear known also as survival intuition;
  • Enhance their awareness of personal strengths and limitations;
  • Identify supportive and defensive body positioning approaches;
  • Build and enhance their awareness of body movement, and quadrants of vulnerability;
  • Learn to use psychological distraction and evasion skills;
  • Practice disengaging from strikes, kicks, punches, grabs, chokes, hair pulls and bites;
  • Learn further about post crisis stress reaction and self-care.