In Service Workshops

The Canadian Training Institute operates on a Business-to-Business model, whereby we attend at your organization to provide specialized training for your staff. 

The following is a list of training that we believe are relevant to creating capacity for people who help people. CTI’s vision is to give organizations what they need. Traditionally organizations send staff to training that is “canned;” resulting in the staff having to contextualize the learning to their work.  CTI courses can be customized to fit your scheduling requirements and to support the mission and culture of your organization.

All in-agency courses provide significant savings in time, registration fees, and travel and accommodation expenses. This type of service also allows a number of agencies to collaborate in sponsoring a specific course or series of courses, thereby reducing your overall costs.


Crisis Intervention with the Hostile/Aggressive Individual

Defusing Anger, Resistance & Hostility Training

Physical Self Protection & Disengaging Skills

Train the Trainer For Crisis Intervention

Train the Trainer for Community Worker Safety Strategies

Hospital Based Code White Teams

                                       Cognitive Behavioural Therapy

                               True Colours - Personality Dimensions

                                              Conflict Resolution

                                              Stress Management

                         Mindfulness Based Community Development

                             Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction

                       Healing the Front Line- Body-Mind Self Care

De-escalation Skills

Community Worker Safety Strategies

Motivational Interviewing and Stages of Change

Advanced Strategies in Motivational Interviewing

Resiliency - Vicarious Trauma and Self Care

Trauma-Informed Body-Centered Interventions

                                            Increasing Staff Motivation

                                            Suicide Prevention (ASIST)

                                     Dealing with Difficult Customers                                                 

                                  Brain Fitness and Brain Optimization

                              Healthy Employees = Successful Business

                              Building Corporate Social Responsibility


John Sawdon

Keltie Donnellan

Kristin Thompson

                 Albert Malkin

                 Maya Obadia

                Maureen Pangan

    Nicki Casseres         


Laval Martin

Margo Van Honsberger

Matthew Bailey-Dick

Mona Hughes

Snjezana Pruginic

Michael Hinds

Lyndsay Chapman

Paul Hyman

Tom Fulgosi

Stephanie Kersta

Cheryl Conick

Carolyn Plater-Zyberk

Patrina Duhaney

Caitlin Bancroft