Vicarious Trauma, Compassion Fatigue and Secondary Wounding

One and Two Day Programs

Program Overview

Compassion Fatigue, Secondary Trauma, Vicarious Trauma are used interchangeably in the helping profession. Due to funding crunches, lack of time and difficulties seeing that helpers also need support, unwritten rules in the form of organizational culture perpetuates an expectation of “move on” and continue to work. This course will allow participants to see that there are other options.

Participants will:

  • Discuss the “occupational hazards” in helping professions;

  • Learn, discuss and differentiate between the key concepts of trauma:

  • Primary and Secondary Trauma,

  • Compassion Fatigue,

  • Vicarious Trauma,

  • Burnout;

  • Explore the potential emotional, physical and relational effects of secondary trauma;

  • Learn about post-traumatic growth/vicarious resilience;

  • Discuss strategies for managing secondary trauma;

  • Examine organizational approaches and supports put in place to ensure worker safety and self-care;

  • Understand the benefits of creating a workplace "recovery environment" for both staff and clients.

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