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Established: 1983

Incorporated: 12 April 1984

Charitable Registration Number: 886600-5997-RR0001

Our Committment

CTI is committed to fostering inclusivity, equality and life-long learning by enhancing services which assist individuals to participate as responsible, valued and contributing members of Canadian society. In this respect CTI assists in the development of knowledge, skills and services that reduce crime, promote active participation and ultimately contribute to healthy individuals, agencies and communities. The guiding goals of CTI are as follows:

•To provide consulting services in facilitating change, team building and other related organizational development activities in contributing to the effective and efficient delivery of services to individuals.

•To collaborate with others in undertaking and disseminating information arising from applied research demonstration projects as a means to both enhance the effectiveness of services delivered, and to potentially contribute to delivery system changes within the field.

•To provide field relevant training and development programs and other learning resource materials in facilitating the personal and professional development of staff, volunteers and individuals involved with or served by criminal justice social service and other human service agencies.

•To develop policies, processes and the commitment of resources to support the improvement of services to individuals through presentations at conferences, participation in national and international networks, facilitation of collaborative action through regional/provincial training committees and fund raising campaigns.

•To encourage, assist and co-ordinate the development of critical incident stress management and debriefing programs in preventing and in mitigating the effects of trauma, which may be experienced by individuals in the criminal justice social service and human service field.


We have consulted for...

City of Toronto
City of Kingston Social Services
Canada, Alberta, Nova Scotia,
Nunavut, Ontario, Saskatchewan,
Correctional Services of Canada
Ontario’s Addiction Residential
Ontario Ministry of Health and
Long Term Care
Police Departments across Canada:
Calgary, Kingston, Nepean, Regina,
Ontario, Nova Scotia,
New Brunswick, OPP, RCMP
The National Parole Board
Annapolis Health Valley District Health
Centre for Addiction and Mental Health
Grand River Valley Hospital
Hotel Dieu Hospital [Kingston]
Kingston General and Psychiatric
Mt. Sinai Hospital
Norfolk Simcoe Hospital
Sioux Lookout Zone Hospital
St. Joseph’s Mountain Health Care
Toronto Rehabilitation Institute
William Osler Health Centre
Nation, Métis and Inuit Communities
across Canada
Aboriginal Legal Services
The Career Foundation
Environment Canada
John Howard Society
Metropolitan Toronto Housing
Murray McKinnon Foundation
Native Child & Family
Ontario Federation of Cerebral Palsy
Reconnect Mental Health Services
Salvation Army
Seaton House of Toronto
Toronto HIV/ AIDS Human Resources
Toronto Hostels
Toronto Parks and Recreation
YMCA of Greater Toronto
West Scarborough Neighbourhood
Community Services
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For details and registration,
call 416-778-7056 
or email programs@cantraining.org


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NOTE: CTI is aware of the difficulties many organizations have at the end of the fiscal year. In assisting with this, CTI is able to invoice you in the current fiscal year and, if desired, provide services at your convenience in the new fiscal year. This could include any of the training programs offered in the list below. CTI can also design and implement specific training programs to meet the needs of your organization.




Chair - Jayne Mallin

Vice-President - Ruth Pellman

Secretary - Caroline Gray

Director - Gordon Butler

Director - Steve Wormith

Director - Nadia Richards

Director - Immanuel F. Lanzaderas

Director - Elayne Greeley

Director - Dawn Robins

Senior Fellow - Don Evans

Senior Fellow - Sol Sanderson



Adam Lodzinski

Bill McLaughlin

Butch Snider

Jennifer White

John Sawdon

Kristin Thompson

Margo Van Honsberger

Matthew Bailey-Dick

Paul Hyman

Paul Schell

Tom Fulgosi

Tom Walker

Steven Hughes

Laval Martin

Keltie Donnellan

Leon Durette

Mona Hughes










































At the Canadian Training Institute, we believe in contributing to the healthy development of individuals, families and communities through training, consultation and applied research demonstration projects, for people helping people. 

Our Mandate: 

CTI is a non-profit organization which provides training, consulting assistance, promotes collaborative action and undertakes applied research projects in contributing to the effectiveness of services delivered by criminal justice and related human service agencies in Canada.

CTI is committed to fostering inclusivity, equality and life-long learning by enhancing services which assist individuals to participate as responsible, valued and contributing members of Canadian society.

In this respect CTI assists in the development of knowledge, skills and services that reduce crime, promote active participation and ultimately contribute to healthy individuals, agencies and communities.




The Canadian Training Institute along with Breaking The Cycle.

Is proud to be in community partnership with the REGENT PARK FILM FESTIVAL    


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"Just wanted to say hello, and tell you how pleased we were with the training sessions that Tom did at our school in the last two weeks.  He was excellent - adaptable, honest, helpful, and smart, and really personalized the presentation to our needs.   It was very valuable learning for our staff, and presented in a meaningful and powerful way".


"I just wanted to drop you a line and let you know that I had the opportunity to attend the Understanding Mental Illness class taught by one Tom Walker last week in London.  In my 14 years  in Autism Services, I have never ONCE had the privilege of sitting in on an education or training handled as brilliantly as this one.  Mr. Walker was an absolute phenom, the perfect balance of teacher and facilitator, providing practical concrete examples from his own experiences and drawing the group INTO the discussion and using their experiences to keep EVERYONE involved and excited".

"I honestly could not GUSH anymore about his presentation.  I consider it an honour and a privilege to have been a part of it, and thought it would be the least I could do to let you all know how touched I have been by the entire experience".

"In the past 5 days, I have passed on his contact to every director, manager and coordinator at my organization, as well as the Alzheimer’s Society of Dufferin" (my wife is the First Link Coordinator there).

"Keep on providing fantastic talents like Tom Walker to help people help people".

Thanks so much.

"I really enjoyed this seminar. It was very applicable to my role as an employee in the healthcare field, and working with our clientele. These sessions should be held more frequently to keep staff sharp, in order to help prevent injuries, and give us further knowledge on how to deal, and help our clients before something serious occurs, which could be prevented by taking this training course".

"Very well taught great instructor"!

"Instructor was informative, and made the day flow, so it was interesting and kept my attention".

"Instructor was great, very interactive and gave practical ideas".

"Kristin was a great instructor, very personable, understandable and fun".

"Great job! I was interested the entire day. Very engaging"(haven't always had this in training)

"Great facilitator! Good energy, informative and practical". 

"Great Job! Thank you for making this fun and entertaining".

"Having worked in my current position for almost 12 years, and in a custody setting prior to that, I had low expectations re: learning something new. The workshop far exceeded my expectations".

"Awesome! Very interesting, interactive, high energy. Very knowledgeable facilitator with an incredibly relaxed and approachable fun attitude. Loved the entire day"!  Thank you! 

Hey Tom,
"I just wanted to say thanks again for the VT training you did up here in Parry Sound. You have been the talk of the agency. Everyone took something away from that training.
Everyone is using your little quips whether it be the s#*$$! committee or don't walk in the other persons shoes... look at the shoes, like the shoes".
Thanks again! "It was wonderful and I hope we can get you back up here sometime".