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Code White Team Interventions

Workshop Overview

This program is designed to support organizations to reduce workplace injury and stress, increase safety, and develop effective team responses to crisis situations. Through this program your organization will:

  • Meet emerging accreditation expectations
  • Reduce staff injury, absenteeism, and turnover
  • Improve client and patient-centered care
  • Address government and union expectations
  • Proactively improve staff safety standards
  • Enhance risk management outcomes
  • Reduce litigation

Learning Objectives

  • Build interpersonal awareness and develop skills related to: aggressive behaviour, escalation of emotions and situations, assessing and responding with the most effective intervention, productive communication styles and strategies
  • Examine how organizational culture can influence our ability to de-escalate or escalate a client
  • Explore the principles of team dynamics that lead to high performing CODE WHITE teams
  • Learn the importance of post crisis debriefing
  • Study critical incident stress and explore the impact of critical incidents
  • Learn approaches to mitigating exposure to traumatic events
  • Explore prevention planning by examining:
    • Social environment
    • Current practices and procedures, and past crises
    • Physical workspaces

Prerequisite: Participants who enroll in this program should have prior crisis intervention/de-escalation skills training before taking this program