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Crisis Intervention: Training-Of-Trainers

Workshop Overview

The Canadian Training Institute is committed to supporting agencies that wish to develop their own internal capacity to deliver in-house trainings.

Training-Of-Trainers workshop will provide you with:

  • The internal capacity to facilitate and certify your staff in Crisis Intervention at no additional cost beyond staff time.
  • A 1 year licensing agreement allowing you to print your own training manuals which includes our Introductory, Advanced, Refresher training programs, and Physical Skills resource manual.
    A customized Crisis Intervention program unique to your agency factoring internal policies and

Learning Objectives

  • Learn to plan, design and implement an in-house delivery of our Crisis Intervention program.
  • Develop skills to defuse anger, hostility and resistance in conflict situations.
  • Study adult learning & experiential theory and practices.
  • Practice how to create a safe and dynamic learning environment for trainees.
  • Enhance confidence and skills as a trainer through practice designs, processing content and presenting lessons.
  • Physical skills, for organizations that do not practice physical skills we offer the physical self-protection theory.

Prerequisite: Participants applying to this program must complete CTI’s Advanced Crisis Intervention training program. Ongoing refresher/recertification training is required to maintain TOT certification.