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“Gang” Involved Youth: Implementing a Trauma Informed Approach

Workshop Overview

This program is designed to assist participants in understanding how trauma may impact gang-involved populations, as well as how this can impact subsequent service delivery. The workshop may benefit a diverse array of stakeholders including social workers, case managers, mental health professionals (i.e. psychiatrists/psychologists), law enforcement, court support workers, bail supervisors, law enforcement, correctional staff, non-profit executive directors/managers and policy makers.

Learning Objectives

  1. Conceptualizing Trauma – An overview of War Trauma, PTSD and the Compulsion to Repeat
  2. The Impact of Gang Definitions on Practice – Who are Your Clients: Defining Gangs and their Behaviours
  3. Trauma, PTSD and Gangs:
    • Pre-Traumatic Factors – Why Youth Join Gangs: A Trauma-Informed Perspective
    • Peri-Traumatic Factors – Understanding the Urban Warzone: Dissociative Memory & Survival
    • Post-Traumatic Factors – Life after the War: PTSD and the Compulsion to Repeat
  4. Being Trauma-Informed with Gang Youth:
    • The Trauma-Informed Approach & Trauma-Informed Services
    • Trauma-Informed Approaches with Gang Involved Youth:
      • Preparing for Trauma-Informed Practice with Gang-Involved Youth
      • Engaging Gang Involved Youth
      • Asking About Trauma
      • Making-the Links with Trauma
      • Skills Building and Empowerment