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Suicide Prevention

Workshop Overview

This program is designed to respond to the learning needs of service providers working with individuals who may be experiencing thoughts of suicide. Participants will learn to make timely and appropriate interventions using a strength-based approach.

This workshop is comprised of four learning modules that are delivered over a two-day period
Model 1 – Understanding Suicide; Reflections on Language Beliefs; Suicide in our communities; Stats & risk factors
Model 2 – Suicide Intervention; Signs; Role Play; Ask about Suicide; Role Play; Listen with empathy; Ambivalence; Role Play
Model 3 – Safety Plan; Warm up; Recap; When do I get help; Safety plan Role Play
Model 4 – Large Group Role Play

Learning Objectives

  • Dispel some of the myths around suicide
  • Explore participants’ personal beliefs regarding suicide.
  • Enhance participants’ knowledge, self-awareness and skills to recognize when an individual may be having thoughts of suicide
  • Enhance participants’ understanding and knowledge of practical suicide prevention techniques
  • Enable participants to confidently make appropriate and timely interventions if they think someone is having thoughts of suicide